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We are professionals at the service of SMEs, SMIs, entrepreneurs who offer skills and soft-skills.

The sure values that we embody, compiled with our know-how , make us a firm on a human scale and close to its clients.

Our advisory role

As a business strategist, we are at your side to help you secure your business, guide you in your strategy and support you in your financial management


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Investor Package

You live abroad and want to invest in Senegal, but you don't know where to start. What are the formalities for setting up businesses?
What is the business environment like in Senegal? Is it possible to benefit from state aid for business creation? These are often questions those investors ask themselves.  
Whatever the size of the project, G&G accompanies you and advises you in all your steps and studies to make your project sustainable and profitable.   For a better follow-up, we put at your disposal our pole of experts who ensures personalized support and directs you towards the best actions to put in place:

- Installation support.
- Senegalese taxation, inter-state tax treaties, Senegalese social law ...
- Posting of foreign employees to Senegal

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Tax Assistance Package

From the creation of the company to its management, legal and tax procedures and issues can become a headache for managers. 

A tax and legal department made up of a young and dynamic team to follow you personally in the management of the formalities relating to the conventions and texts governing your company. Our tax assistance package consists of a range of tax and legal services in the following areas : 

  • Tax record keeping;  
  • Tax advices;

Package Business Coaching 

Do you want to develop your managerial performance and ensure the sustainability of your company? The Business Coaching package is made for you

The answer to your questions wrapped in a single package. The business coaching package consists of services that are certainly conducive to the design of simple management solutions adapted to all types of needs. Our solutions are defined as follows:   

  • Personal development;
  • Strategy, Values and Objectives;
  • Commercial and financial performance;
  • Leadership and Know-How;
  • Governance and steering;
  • Team Management and Cohesion.

Consulting Package

G&G supports management teams in their complex transformation and performance improvement projects .

Nowadays we have a considerable number of companies that have gone bankrupt due to a lack of structured advice. Advisor par excellence, G&G will accompany you with sound advice to overcome this phenomenon.   

Our Consulting package guarantees you a meticulously elaborated follow-up in the decision-making and the implementation of the growth and development strategy of your company by ensuring the following services:   

  • Strategic diagnosis
  • Implementation of management control
  • Implementation of cost accounting and dashboards
  • Capital Asset Management
  • Implementation of financial and management procedures
  • Functional redesign and/or installation of a management information system
  • Governance, risks and control: Risk mapping and management, procedures manual, etc.;: Cartographie et gestion des risques, manuel de procédures…;

Package Audit 

Many situations require an audit to give credibility to the financial information you provide to your shareholders, creditors, employees, members or even a potential investor.   

Our firm helps you secure a true picture of your accounts and strengthens the trust of third parties in your company.

Our services : 

  • Statutory auditors;;
  • Commissioner for Contributions and Merger;;
  • Financial audit;;
  • Operational audit and evaluation of internal control;;
  • Tax audit;;
  • Legal audit;;
  • Due diligence. 

HR Package

If you are an SME and you encounter difficulties in drafting employment contracts or in administering the entire legislature that is appropriate, this offer is intended for you.   

We offer personalized support in the areas mentioned above: 

  • Recruitment ;
  • Drafting of employment contracts;
  • Manage administrative procedures with social organizations and taxes;
  • Payroll management, declarations and social contributions
  • PEO;
  • Compliance of social information and regulatory procedures;;
  • Employment Law Consulting.

Financial Engineering Package (Transactions Advisory Services)   

Our firm puts at your disposal a team with proven expertise in all the areas proposed below: 

  • Mergers and acquisitions; ;
  • Company evaluations;
  • Search for funding;
  • Implementation of forecast cash management;prévisionnelle;
  • Business plan;
  • Strategic and financial plan.

Training Package

Let us know your need, and we will offer you a training adapted to your expectations

With our experience, we intervene in an educational way, with the staff of your company, in order to accompany them, and give them the opportunity to evolve in their position.  

You will find solutions to meet your obligations or strengthen the competitiveness of your company. Our wide catalog guarantees a learning conducive to the maintenance and evolution of professional practices in a minimum of time.  

Our trainings have an average duration of two days.

Legal Package

We work with you in all touching areas...

  • Legal advice;
  • The legal secretariat;
  • Business law advice.